Devils Keep Distillery

• Fredericton's 1st Craft Distillery •


Our distilling process takes longer than most and in our opinion tastes better than most! 

We start by using natural ingredients which we source from New Brunswick farms to make our mash. The mash is the base of our vodka. 

We then run it through our small batch (100 litre) still, which creates a vodka that is ~50% ABV. This is called our “stripping run”. 

To further refine the vodka we run it again through our still, only this time we use 10 columns and bubble plates. This is the equivalent to “10 times distilled” and is called our “polishing run”. 

Finally we run all the vodka through our hand made carbon filter to create some of the smoothest tasting vodka.  With all these extra details you really can taste the difference!